The company Privio wishing to provide the entire film industry, innovative, reliable, intuitive and affordable tools for all, to create Privio Shop. This tool also created in collaboration with recognized companies in film distribution, allows companies to fully manage their servicing. The administrator can create a product catalog to present to his customers. Carry out online sales, invoicing and also delivery. Access to Privio Shop is free. We only work on a commission deducted according to the turnover generated monthly.


In diesem Tool haben Sie die Möglichkeit, alle Ihre Produkte einzutragen. Und den Preis der Verkäufe zu verwalten

Auftragsannahme und Fakturierung

Sie können die Preisgestaltung nach Aktiva + Remise verwalten


Sie können den Lieferprozess einfach und sicher verwalten


Sie können Metriken über heruntergeladene Produkte erhalten

Kunden verwalten

Einfach und intuitiv

Einfachheit und Intuitivität

Zeitersparnis, Zentralisierung und Verwaltung von A bis Z in der Marketingabteilung. Einfache Bestellmöglichkeit für den Kunden.

Complete customization of the platform to your image

Possible invitation of a multitude of customers by email

Provision of files (delivery) once the upload has been completed

NOD Management

Promotions management / promo code

Fixed price management

Management of upload/
provision notifications

Ability to edit an order

Free product management (offered or downloadable directly)

Ability to manage files larger than 200GB (hosted by Privio)

Fast download speed

Email personalization possible

Delivery status management

Management of alternative graphic proposals (free)

Pre-order management

Digital and Physical Delivery Management

(Coming soon) Management of communications and order taking at labs

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